OUR DAY WILL COME - SPRING SUMMER 2014 This collection heralds a return to nature and being in love as a state of innocence, in which we become tourists in the larger sense of the word - seeing everything with new eyes. Like Bill Moss's fantastical treatment of the necessities of camping, the utilitarian is romanticised through a subconsciously Edwardian lens; suddenly, hippies, nomads and surfers become the most chivalrous of English Gentlemen.

Conversely, ethnic history is respectfully reinterpreted in modern materials that verge on the utilitarian, if not for them masquerading as a variety of natural textures: Tropical thatched roofs, lush jungles and gnarled wood. When in love, the most basic of amenities becomes romantic. Motor homes, rudimentary eco-bathrooms and mosquito nets all serve to repudiate the ennui of an urban existence. And are our two female protagonists not intrepid? After all, Love and Enlightenment are the two things worth travelling for.

この作品集では私達はあらゆる物を新たな視点でみる広義の冒険者となり、自然と純潔な愛への回帰を私達に予兆させます。Bill Mossのキャンプの必要性についての素晴らしい取り扱い方のように、功利主義は潜在意識下でEdwardian lens - ヒッピー、放浪者やサーファーが最も品格のある英国紳士に突然なる - を通してロマンを形成します。逆に言えば民族史は、熱帯林の枝で作られた屋根や青々と茂ったジャングル、ねじれた木々といった自然の織りなす風景という仮面を着けていないのであれば、功利主義に近づきつつある現代の要素と再解釈することもできます。