TIME CAPSULE - AUTUMN WINTER 2014 is as much an encapsulation of nostalgic memories of old Hong Kong, as it is an emancipation of the post-colonial Asian Woman. Buoyed roughly by the gales of Typhoon Vincent, or flown gently from the United Kingdom back to the Motherland like the most precious samples of export porcelain, the Hong Kong girl is exemplified by Nancy Kwan in The World of Suzie Wong, at times fiercely independent & at others, delicate & traditional. In the film Suzie celebrates her libertinism by flaunting her body in fitted cheongsams, while secretly hoping to take on a married role & donning the trappings of a kept European lady. It is Robert Lomax, her love interest, who makes her realize how her culture actually complements his own in more ways than she can fathom.

The collection melds hard architectural elements that are emblematic of Hong Kong, such as the haphazard steps of Pottinger Street and graphic terrazzo-tiled walls, with the sinuous curves of the traditional hourglass shape. Rigid piped belts and collars mimic the urgent flutter of typhoon-tossed fabrics escaping the confines of the body. Menswear elements like trenchcoat storm and gun flaps and sou’wester headgear are subsumed under a mélange of modernized famille rose print and lingerie details, their regular angles rendered oblique by distorted perspectives. It is a collection with a lot of seductive feminine charm, yet almost schizophrenic in its suspension of reality, much like Suzie herself.

タイムカプセルは植民地解放後のアジア民族女性の解放を象徴するとともに、古き良き時代の香港への望郷の念が包み込まれています。台風"ビンセント"の突風、又は英国から華々しく母国へ舞い戻ってきた最も貴重な輸出用陶磁器の商品で印象付けられるように、香港の女性は非常に強い独立意識を持ち、彼女たちは繊細で伝統的な"Suzie Wongの世界"のNancy Kwanによって代表されるでしょう。映画の中でSuzieは密かに妻としての役割を想いながら欧州女性のような気品を纏う一方で、自身の放蕩主義を煌びやかなチャイナドレスで包み込んだ身体をなびかせることで表現しています。彼女が愛するRobert Lomax、彼こそが彼女が推量していたよりも様々な意味でどれほど彼女の持つ文化が彼の文化を補っているかを彼女に気付かせたのです。