Elizabeth Lin & Jacqueline Tsang met in the fall of 2008 as students at the renowned Central St Martins School of Art & Design in London, forging a creative bond and fast friendship while assisting each other with their graduation collections. The pair gained experience collectively through internships at Alexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf, Coco De Mer, Matthew Williamson & Agent Provocateur. Upon their reunification In Hong Kong in 2012, they reignited their partnership with Jacqueline assisting Elizabeth with her entry for the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers competition, securing a place in the final ten and going on to win the Evening Wear category, the Innovation award and the Overall Prize. The ensuing worldwide exposure in both print and digital media instilled a personal confidence in their abilities to launch a joint venture together, with the Elizabeth & Jacqueline label.

Their work can be characterised as highly conceptual, emotive, and personal, with inspiration derived from varied sources, woven together to create something new from the subtle subtexts that lie dormant in art, culture, experience and everyday life. This semiotic approach to fashion is married with technical brilliance which brings forth expressive shapes and forms, and a structural prowess that gives rise to pieces that defy gravity and trick the eye with intricately detailed prints. The two friends have become sisters, sharing their creative energies through their love of fashion, complimenting each other perfectly with their respective skills, like two hands locked in an embrace.

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Elizabeth LinとJacqueline Tsangは2008年の暮れにロンドンの高名なCentral St Martins 芸術大学で学生として出会い、学位習得のためお互い協力し合う中で創作的な結束と友情が形成されてゆきました。 彼らはそれぞれAlexander McQueen, Viktor & Rolf, Coco De Mer, Matthew Williamson & Agent Provocateurでのインターンシップを通じて豊富な経験を積みました。2012年に香港にて再結成以来、彼らはJacquelineがElizabethの香港若年ファッションデザイナー大会への出場を支援する形で固いパートナーシップを結び、見事最終10組に選ばれ、イブニングウェアの種目で革新優秀賞やその他数々の賞を受賞しました。このことが世界中の紙面やデジタルメディアに掲載されたことで自分たちの才能に自信が生まれ、Elizabeth & Jacquelineのラベルでジョイントベンチャーを立ち上げるきっかけになりました。